Monday, 10 June 2013

Man Allegedly Involved in Notorious B.I.G. Murder Escapes Prison

And the plot thickens… Clayton A. Hill has been on lock-down in a medium security prison in Atlanta for tax fraud, but as of about a week ago, the man who claims to have been a part of the murder plot to kill The Notorious B.I.G. has been on the run. 
While in prison for receiving $350,000 in tax refunds between 2002-2006, Clayton A. Hill released a memoir titled, Diary of an Ex-Terrorist.  

In this memoir, Hill names a Nation of Islam member for the killing of Biggie Smalls. According to Hill, this person’s reasoning for killing Biggie was to retaliate against the death of Tupac. Hill escaped from a federal prison in Georgia.  
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Hill first hit the headlines in 2011 after publishing a memoir from prison, in which he infamously claimed to have helped the man responsible for shooting the hip-hop legend get rid of the murder weapon. He alleged he was hired by officials from the Nation of Islam – accusations the organisation’s bosses have vehemently denied.
Notorious B.I.G., real name Christopher Wallace, was killed during a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles in 1997.

The murder remains unsolved.

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