Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Woman Who Dropped From 20 Stone To 6 After Undergoing Gastric Bypass Surgery Now Has To Consume 5,000 Calories A Day To Stay Alive.

Julie Dunbar, 51, lost a staggering 14-and-a-half stone in 12 months after a rare complication caused her body to stop absorbing nutrients.
She ended up dangerously malnourished and close to death in hospital before doctors diagnosed the condition and prescribed a remedy - eating as much as she can.
Pub landlady Julie now has to eat constantly throughout the day as her body can only ingest a tiny fraction of the total calories she takes in.
She describes her constant need for food as a "chore" which is like a full-time job. 
During a typical day she will get through half a block of cheese, a whole packet of smoked salmon, a dozen biscuits, cake, a curry, shepherd's pie and bags of sweets.
Julie said: "No-one believes what I eat on a normal day, our food bill is phenomenal. It must cost about £200 to feed me every week.
"It's not enjoyable. It is a task really. It was enjoyable for the first week but now it's a pain and I hate it."
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