Thursday, 14 March 2013

Newly Weds Jimmy & Kemi Odukoya Share Their Amazing Love Story

The other day we shared photos from their wedding (Click HERE if you missed it), now Jimmy & Kemi share their amazing love story (Read);

 "I went to the same secondary school with Kemi's cousin and she came for her cousin's introduction. I hadn't seen her cousin for a while so we agreed to hook up and catch up at Ooh la la in GRA Ikeja. I got out of my car and she got out of hers and I was like, 'who's that?' My friend said that's my cousin. This was in 2011. We started chatting and she said she has been single for four years and hasn't found what she's looking for. We exchanged numbers and started talking. She's very beautiful inside and outside. She's adventurous, daring and outgoing. Her willingness to learn and her love for God endeared me. The women I dated in the past, I tell them: 'Listen, I am a pastor. There are certain things you can't wear, certain places you can't go, certain things you can't say. It's never easy dating a pastor, especially where they are watching you to see how they can disqualify you. So when we talked about it and she said she is taking it seriously and putting all effort to make it work. I decided then to marry her. I proposed to her in March 2012. Kemi checks. If I have a list of she surpasses the list of women I have seen. She doesn't hold on to things. If she's wrong, she's quick to apologize. I love her heart for people. With her, you're not worried about infidelity, she's not that kind of a person. I'm really lucky!"

 Continue to read more to see What Kemi has to say about Jimmy Odukoya;

"I live in the UK and I was actually in Nigeria on holiday when we met in 2011. The first thing that struck about Jimmy is that he's very kind. And everyone he introduced me to said he's very kind and it radiates from him. We talked for hours, day and night for like three straight days. And in all that time he didn't tell me he was a pastor. When he eventually told me, I was silent. I think it's a big role but the way I see it, it's like two people meeting and falling in love and we are going to get married and we should go with the flow. The best part of it all is that we are friends. I feel very safe with him. He is sincere, caring, giving, handsome and wonderful. I always prayed for a happy marriage and God just answered my prayer."

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