Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Watch The Official Trailer Of “The Four Boys”- A Nollywood Movie Inspired By The Aluu4 Tragedy

Official Synopsis;
Based on a true life story, the lead actors played the roles of the four UNIPORT students that were brutally murdered by a notorious vigilante group in 2012.The movie shows the lifestyle of the boys, which indicated that the boys had great ambitions and a strong desire for education, music, and entertainment in general. Until that unprecedented tragic and horrific incident occurred after the boys were wrongfully accused of stealing laptops and phones. There is a lot of twist to the story, as it was indicated that one of the four boys had previously loaned his friend a lump sum of money before, which was one of the key factors that led to that horrific incident. 
Watch the trailer below;


  1. Whoever produced this ,is a stupid and bad person

  2. Who so ever dat did dis z a very...very... Bad person :(


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