Sunday, 24 February 2013

Police Suggests Acid Bath Victim, Naomi Oni Poured The Burning Liquid On Herself

Remember we published a story about 20 year old Naomi Oni who was attacked with acid on her way back from work (Click HERE if you missed it)? Well reports are saying that the UK Police are suggesting that Naomi may have caused the injuries herself. Police seized a computer belonging to Naomi after they discovered that she had searched the internet for websites about acid attacks before she received her injuries. Naomi's family fear that detectives are not doing enough to catch the perpetrator of the attack and are focusing on a 'crazy' line of inquiry. 
Naomi Oni, 20, was left with horrific injuries following the incident which happened as she left work at the end of last year and was in hospital for nearly a month receiving treatment. 

Searches are said to include material on Katie Piper, the former model who has campaigned for facial disfigurement victims since she was scarred in an acid attack in 2008, according to the Sunday Times. 

Miss Oni also made an emotional appearance on ITV's "This Morning".

It is understood that police sought to retrieve her laptop from her home on January 28, but were unable to find it. It was handed over to officers by Miss Oni's disabled mother Marian Yalekhue.
She is believed to have told detectives that she had searched websites relating to acid attacks but has dismissed that she injured herself.
A family friend, Sheila Maclean, described it as 'innocuous' that Miss Oni may have watched a Channel 4 documentary on Miss Piper on her computer.
She said that her interest in Miss Piper was fuelled by an interest in make up.
Miss Oni's case has attracted much sympathy and top American cosmetic surgeon Cap Lesesne has offered to operate on her injuries for free.
She is said to be due to meet Miss Piper soon.
A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said that officers are 'continuing to look at a number of articles of evidence'.
No arrests have yet been made in the case.


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