Friday, 8 February 2013

MARRY Me This Valentines PLEASE.... Prezzo's Message To Goldie

Prezzo who represented Kenya last year in the Big rother Africa house and Goldie's boyfriend, posted a message on his facebook wall this week and asked his fans to caption his message.

Babe, this has taken me a long time to say right, but am gonna say it, because I believe I have only this one chance: I know for this year’s Valentine you don’t want then iPads, nor expensive dinners at the Red Lobster -the one with the cheddar biskits, nor do you want Russian fur jackets and 24-carat teardrop hanging on your earlobes. I know a giant bouquet of red roses would not cut it, neither a chopper ride over Musi-o-tunya.
That is why babie, this time I wish myself and every man should do it the manly way, the right way, and instead of buying you presents, take you home to mamma as a present and ensure your constant prescence.
Will you please marry me this Valentine and be my babies mamma, eternally?"

Is he indirectly referring to Goldie...what do you think?

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