Thursday, 7 February 2013

Interesting Jokes About Valentines Day... Enjoy!

Guys hardly get surprises! So surprise your bf on Vals day.....Introduce him to your real Bf" 

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, If he's busy on Valentines day, That side Chick is you!!!

Wearing red and white on vals day will only make u luk lyk Capsule=)) 

By the way, this valentine, most of you girls will realize you ain't your boo's boo! 

On Vals day, Excuses shall arise: Flat battery, BIS Expired, Dp refused to change, my boss selected me for a trip, traffic... The big question remains, Are you your boo's boo? 
If u don't have a date on VALS day no big deal....not everybody has AIDS on world AIDS day!!

Breaking News !!! They've started Again ooo! Why would a girl that claims to love you, send you: 
boxers and expect a BB ? ::: 
  • A tie and expect Brazillian hair? 
  • Singlet and expect iPAD2 ::: 
  • cuff-links and expect Blackberry porsche  
  • nothing at all and expect an expensive dinner @ KFC, 
  • Pay her school fees and she is on her period three times a month yet we preach gender equality.  
NO! As a result of the observable injustice and inequality, the Boyfriends Association of Nigeria (BAN) in its 17th annual general meeting held yesterday at the Federal secretariat Abuja, has concluded, that it should be on (TB) trade by barter this Feb 14th coming in d next few days simply: 
  • A singlet for bra. 
  • A boxers for a pant. 
  • A roll on' for a Sure Pef. 
  • Cuff-links for a rubber band to tie her natural hair. 
  • If she shows up at your door empty handed, off your cable, put NTA for her to watch. 
  • If she gives u flower, you give her mango leaf, after all, the two are gotten from trees.. 
  • If she comes for dinner without money, take her to night vigil. 

Source: Social media

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