Sunday, 3 February 2013

Chinese Dad Found The Perfect Nanny For His Son, Guess What It Is? A 15-Foot-Long Python (See Photos)

A Chinese dad, Chan Liu leaves 13-year-old Azhe home alone with the 220lb snake in Dongguan, southern China.And instead of keeping her in a cage, Azhe amazes locals by kissing and cuddling the 15ft predator. 
Instead of being frightened  Azhe would cuddle up with the cold blooded 15ft predator finding comfort in his cooling coils on hot summer days.  
Azhe said: "She's very careful with me and never squeezes too hard." 
Azhe was born six years after his dad brought home a python egg and hatched it out. 
"After a while we were certain the snake wouldn't hurt him and we began to leave them together alone. They really are inseparable." Chan revealed. 
Eventually the family began to look on the Burmese python as a kind of nanny, who'd look out for their son when he was alone. 
"I don't think many kidnappers would tangle with her." said dad Chan... 

Hehehehe I won't leave a python with my child even if na me create the python lol... 
See more photos after the cut; 

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