Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Top Video Vixen, Pebblez Da Model Arrested For Involvement In Concrete Butt Injections That Led To The Murder Of Karima Gordon

Pebblez da Model Claims Her A** Is Real...Indeed!

Last week thursday, video vixen Pebblez Da Model and her friend, 21-year-old Shannetria Newberry, were arrested in Memphis, Tennessee in connection with a bizarre murder. Pebbelz Da Model (39, real name Natasha Stewart) was questioned for the death of a Mississippi woman who police say was murdered by injection of cement into her buttocks.
According to sources, Pebbelz Da Model was arrested because she referred several women to Morris Garner (AKA Tracey Lynn Garner), the cross-dressing, unlicensed street surgeon from Mississippi who was arrested in September 2012 after several women died or became seriously ill after he administered concrete and counterfeit silicone butt and breast injections.

If charged, Pebbelz Da Model and Garner could both face life sentences in jail.
street practitioner Morris Garner, 52, who is not legally licensed to perform such procedures.
Pebblez was once asked in an interview if her butt was real or fake... Here's what she had to say;

I am all real.  As far as plastic surgery I have nothing against it.  If you want to enhance your body, go for it, if it makes you feel better. I was actually thinking about getting my breasts done for my birthday, but I’m still not sure.
When asking the model on how other females in the game respond to her:
Interviewer:  How do females in the industry respond to you, how do you deal with the negativity?
Pebbelz:  There’s a lot of jealously, bitchiness, attitudes.  Basically I stick to work and focus on that.  I have a very small circle and they are all people who are down for Pebblez Da Model, and promoting the brand.

Pebblez was charged with fugitive from justice warrant for homicide and Shannetria Newberry, was charged with aggravated assault, failure to appear on a felony case, bodily harm, and criminal forfeiture.  Both are being held at the Shelby County Jail in Tennessee.
Pebblez mugshot
Karima Gordon drove to Garner’s home in Mississippi with a friend to have the procedure performed. She became ill a few hours later and her friend called Garner asking what to do. Garner told them to buy some cough medicine. Gordon died at a hospital a few days later. Police say a woman named “Pebbles” acted as a go between for Garner and women who sought his illegal services… It is alleged that Karima Gordon and Pebbelz communicated via Twitter and Karima traveled to New York to meet Pebbelz in person. There, Karima paid Pebbelz $200 for the referral to the man who ended up performing the butt injections that killing her. According to Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, investigators are looking for Pebbelz for questioning.

I had to search the my a** off to get pics of pebblez with her clothes see her *Advanced* pics, search Pebblez Da Model Image Results on google...
Meanwhile here's one of her crazy interviews:

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