Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Rapper Ap.9 Still Vowing To Release Coco's Naked Pictures

 While rumored naked pictures of Coco from AP have failed to materialize, the wanna-be rapper continues to tease about an upcoming bomb...
Rapper AP.9 is hell bent on exposing Coco, about a month ago triple OG rapper Ice T was humiliated after his wife Coco was spotted in a series of photographs with unknown rapper AP.9 (click HERE if you missed it).

After posting more pictures of himself and Coco on his Instagram page, AP rants;
"I'mma keep this shit rocking for y'all!!!
It's not about "kissing and telling"...It's about muthafuckas makin me out like I was a stalker fan ass nigga!!!
See muthafuckas feel like they can label me something I'm not and lie on me so I have no choice but to TELL THE TRUTH!!"
The rapper has also done several radio interviews hinting at a big reveal.

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