Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Photos: Chris Brown Spotted With A Cast On His Hand - Cuts Off Instagram Page Again!

Chris Brown has cut off his Instagram page....again. Some say he made the page private and others say he deleted it... After much condemnations from his followers over his fight with Frank Ocean at Westlake Studio in L.A., Chris seems to be pissed about how he's being treated. 
He tweeted earlier today that he felt like "Jesus being crucified" later on, he wrote messages to his "fans" saying he doesn't want to play into the negativity of social media any longer and then the page went OFF!
This isn't the first  (and probably not the last) time he's deleted his account on social media out of anger so we're sure he'll be back cos he needs us lol... 
Meanwhile,  Chris was pictured out in L.A. today smiling (pictured above), but was later spotted with a cast on his hand.  He maintains he never threw a punch in the fight with Frank Ocean. 
More photos when you continue;

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