Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Man Who Buried Baby Alive Has Been Arrested In Delta state

Remember the new born baby that was buried alive few days ago in Delta State? (Click Here if you missed that) 
A 25 year old labourer, Macaulay Onitcha, who is said to be the father of the baby has been arrested by the police in Delta state for allegedly burying his new born daughter, Edna Macaulay, alive. 
On his reasons for burying his own daughter alive, Macaulay told police that he attempted to kill his daughter because he was angry with his wife. He said he did it in anger and was sorry!
How mean! According to reports, Macaulay took the young baby to the bushes, dug a shallow grave, threw the baby in the grave and covered it with sand. 
While he was doing this, someone had witnessed him burying her alive and hurriedly exhumed her after fighting and overpowering Macaulay at the scene. The person, Saturday Ekama, took the child to the police station to report what had happened. Little Edna had a neck injury after she was dug out and she is currently undergoing treatment at Saint Francis Hospital in Asaba, while her dad is in police custody at the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Asaba. 

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