Saturday, 5 January 2013

Mackies Gbagaun Factory: 16 Greatest Grammatical Blunders Ever Captured From Yoruba Movies

This one really cracks me up, you don't wanna piss this guy off else he kills you with his English. Sometimes i wonder if the movie ever passed through an Editorial team or they're just playing tricks on our minds hoping we wont find out. Anyways, here are a few blunders captured from Yoruba movies. Enjoy and feel free to share :") 
15 more when you continue: 

(In Dumebi's voice) Arghhhh this is bad!

Madam you be small pikin? you no know say play dey pass play? This na serious play now,  but funny enough I no know say woman fit play get belle o! 

Don't mind him o jare! He's asking you to abortion forgetting abortion is sin... "KEPT" the baby joor

HUH? 1st class upper? Isorait...

Hehehe...Chief acted that way because of your blunder, if twere me i would "Acted" that way too

Ha! U think u have "came" to your senses but you haven't, if you have u no go dey gbagaun like dis

O church....... Next!!!

Hmmm....*lips sealed* Infact *lips opened* madam, have you heard of birth control?

Lwkmd she no go feel am before? SMH. No kill person pikin o!
This reminds me of Skuki's song "Banger" Kpeeshaun!!!

Good for you ma, most people are beaten up till they actually die! You only "painted" so thank God

In other words "don't worry, be happy"

Na wa o! Madam i'm sure he knows the person he killed is your credit, Call your husband or something, don't waste it on that killer.

oga mi of course, his memory card has been removed na im make him dey do anyhow...

Hia! Madam it's "PICK" not peak...some people need auto-correct
I'm sure he's not picking cos he foresees your blunder
Lets assume this is a typo, looking @ my keyboard, the letter 'V' is just below 'F'
Okay guys, i take my left.... 

sorry about that.. that's what happens when you get to read things like this, I should be back to my senses before my next post.... ciao xx

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