Saturday, 5 January 2013

Halle Berry Vs Rihanna: What They Have In Common "Checkout Their See-Through Dresses"

Okay after seeing Halle Berry's boobs in the 'SWORD FISH MOVIE' I never dreamt of seeing this actress' boobs again. As you can see, it has grown in size and weight over the years..
As for Bajan R&B artiste Rihanna, her outfits never fail to raise eyebrows, she shows more skin than clothes, this has been her usual style especially during tours and events. The point is, I think these celebs are flashing their hooters to anyone who cares to see. 
What do you think guys? Is this fashion or stupidity? By the way, who's sexier? 
See more photos after the cut:


Halle Berry's front and backside


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