Friday, 25 January 2013

A Thief With A Conceince Breaks Down Crying During Robbery & Leaves With Pizza

Just after midnight Monday, a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a bandanna on his face entered a Papa John's restaurant and handed the clerk a note demanding money. NY Post reports. After speaking with the cashier, the robber left with a pizza and chicken wings to feed his hungry family. “I’d say the clerk was pretty astute,” Helena Police Chief Troy McGee said. “I mean, he knows how to talk to this person. Kind of commiserated with him a little. Talked to him about it and you know actually changed his mind about robbing the place. That was pretty good.”

As the cashier started to comply with the contents of the note, the robber reportedly broke down crying. The remorseful robber told the sympathetic cashier that he was only trying to feed his family. As they spoke, a large knife fell out of the man’s pocket. As the man waited for the staff to make the food, a large knife fell out of his pocket, McGee said. He did not threaten anyone with it. 

The cashier offered him pizza and chicken wings. The robber took the food and some soft drinks and and left on foot.“In Helena, I don’t recall recently something like this has happened,” McGee said. “We have had a few in the past where people have changed their minds. But actually sitting down and waiting for the food and that sort of thing, no.”McGee said he would like to find the robber, although he wasn’t sure what he would charge the man with. “We’d hate to have him do this again,” he said.

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