Monday, 31 December 2012

Mario Balloteli Declares War On Ex Because Of Comments Raffaella Fico Made In A Recent Interview

Raffaella Fico recounted  her bad ordeal on the day of her baby's  delivery. She criticized the irresponsible attitude of her ex Mario Balotelli, Dad (well, he is not sure) of his daughter.Mario is not happy with the comments his ex made in a recent interview (click here if you missed it).Mario decided to respond. His response was quite sensational, with a pithy statement:
He said he would have preferred not to take a public position on a private matter, and stick to the choice of not responding to fanciful statements by his ex, Raffaella Fico, but will ignore out of respect for a creature that has come into the world. "There are limits to everything, and I can not tolerate the flouting of my honor. I have instructed my lawyers to take all possible legal initiatives to protect me from false information published in Chi. In the future, I recommend Raffaella Fico not to disclose false informations about me, or relating to my private life. Raffaella Fico finally will pay for all damages caused by her irresponsible behavior" He said

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