Monday, 31 December 2012

Love Is The Divine Tool You Need To Hold Your Man Not Charms - True Story

This man came back from the United States to wed his wife in Nigeria. I am talking of a man that works closely with Bill Gates in the Microsoft Office. Believe what I am going to tell you presently, we are talking of a confirmed millionaire. Practically, he spent millions of Naira in his wedding because he believed it will happen just once. The marriage was smooth and successful. Think of anything that ought to be in a wedding, it was there. Nothing was left out and very lavish gifts, (THANKS FOR COMING GIFTS) were given to all the invited guests. People were happy and they ate to saturation and drank to unprecedented stupor.
It was few minutes past eight at night, all the invited guests were gone. The newly married couple have arrived their multi million naira home in the Government Reserved Area. The bride’s father, a retired senior police officer, had settled his daughter with a brand new car. They arrived the multi million naira home with all the lavish things for her send forth. Just as the boys were carrying in all the things from her family for her send forth, (we call it IDU UNO in Enugwu-Ukwu) devil proved that he is an idiot that one must never trust, a dangerous looking charm fell off from one of the things that the boys were carrying in. Guess who saw the charm as it fell off, the groom as he was romantically holding his newly wedded bride. Imagine his face as he urgently released the babe and was looking at the charm. She froze in shock and it was evident she knew something about the charm. Trust a man that had stayed all his life in the United States, he pulls a gun and demanded to know the root of the charm or he ventures the known. The bride opened up when it was clear to her that he was on the verge of pulling the trigger.It was her mother’s charm, the gift the mother gave to her to manipulate the husband just as she has been manipulating the retired policeman. The God of the groom is surely stronger than their god and the charm was unable to enter his house. The discovery happened in the exterior of the house and the marriage ended in same exterior. He forgot all the millions he spent in the wedding and declared his intention not to continue with the charm peddler. He went back to the United States. I wonder if this guy would ever think of getting married again.Are you a woman? Are you entering 2013 with any pet plan of delving into charms to do whatever to get your man’s attention or to sustain your diabolic control? Use your brake and think again. Charms are bye product of Satanism and they will surely lead you to sorrow. LOVE IS THE DIVINE TOOL YOU NEED TO HOLD YOUR MAN. LOVE CONQUERS ALL THINGS. She prayed all her life to be in Eldorado. God gave her the Eldorado. She witnessed the ecstasy of a lavish wedding and finally she arrived the Eldorado. She was overtaken with joy as she looked at the Eldorado. But that was it. YOU SHALL SEE THE PROMISED LAND BUT YOU CANNOT STEP YOUR LEGS INTO IT. One property of devil in your custody can render you useless and incapacitated. She saw it, had a glimmer of it, but never experienced it.As you step into the new year…………………GET RID OF ALL THE USELESS SATANIC PROPERTIES IN YOUR CUSTODY. 2013 is a year of discoveries. Do not dare this message. If you enter 2013 with that charm you keep with you, it would be discovered early and your sorrow would be gigantic. You are going to be so frustrated that suicide would be an option to you. DO THE WISE THING. LET IT GO.

Ugezu J. Ugezu

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