Friday, 28 December 2012

HILARIOUS! Funny Twitter Comments About Dbanj's Koko Concert Last Night

Lol... Nigerians and their bad mouth, now my stomach  hurts & my eyes are red like I've been crying for days cos of the hilarious KokoConcert tweets. According to fans, Dbanj turned them to StarTrekkers lol.
The concert which took place at the Eko Atlantic beach wasn't properly planned according to them. The distance from the Eko Atlantic entrance to the venue was too far(20km).
Funny tweets from the event:
this tweet cracks me up

See more tweets below:


More tweets when you continue:

Y wz Koko concert d worst day of my lyf? Twasnt bout d#StarTrekkin, I had one of those bad days asides d AreaBoiz, fones out nd Bottle Pop!


 My hear goes out to VVIP ticket holders. 4,000 pounds for that 'tour de france' trek? #(NO)Longthing#kokoconcert"DBanj is the only artiste on record who made Lagos 'big boys' walk like the Israelites #KokoConcert"

I feel so sorry for all those that were Victims of Circumstances at theKoKo Concert yestersay... It is well!
After the walk, I had to say @bigsean @iamdbanj @idriselba & most of all tiney tempah rocked #kokoconcert. Big sean ad tiny made my day!

As the story goes, D'Banj was "dissing" fans that bought regular tickets and showing love to the VVIP ticket holders? #KokoConcert

For all of you who went to Koko concert, now you know how the israelites feltNigerians can complain! PHCN is bad, GEJ is useless, FASHOLA's traffic law is for the rich, #KokoConcert was a flop, etc Suicide is free"
See as people dey para cos dem trek for koko concert. Even those wey buy VIP ticket stand thruout. Dis no be Koko concert but koko crusade

: S/O to dose girls dah dressed like Kim K to #kokoconcert only 2end up wit dusty legs like a gala hawker in Oshodi!!"

It's painful to see D'banj taste d bitter side of being a show-biz entrepreneur #kokoconcert2012# after the massive success he has recorded home & away in 2012, I think its part of life to fail sometimes, to experience good criticisms so u can improve, respect & appreciate every little effort of professionals in that field.

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