Monday, 31 December 2012

Former Brazilian Striker Ronaldo Confirms Divorce

The former striker of the team from Brazil, Ronaldo, known as "phenomenological", 36, confirmed rumors that his marriage of five years with Bia Antony ended three months ago.
In a press statement released on Friday, the couple said that the decision 
"was the result of a careful consensus, based on our history and especially our girls," Maria Sophia, 4, and Maria Alice 2 years.
"Our love, friendship and mutual admiration not change. We rely on the respect of the press and the public," the statement added.

The double balloon Brazilian gold (1997, 2002), now the centerpiece of the Organizing Committee of the World 2014 organized by Brazil, is also the father of Ronald, 12 years, the fruit of his marriage to Milene Domingues, and Alex, age 7, he recently acknowledged paternity. Alex was born with a fast connection with Michele Umezu.
Separation with Bia Anthony, 30, is the third experienced by Ronaldo in 2005 was also married with great pomp with the Brazilian actress Daniella Cicarelli. They divorced a few months later.
Marriage Bia and Ronaldo went through several crises, including in April 2008 when a long night had turned into a nightmare for Ronaldo: he wanted to end the night with prostitutes in Rio, but had the surprise to deal with transvestites.
They had then wanted, he said, blackmail, scandal spread in the press which he said "ashamed".
Recently, the ex-footballer has managed to lose 17 pounds in three months as part of a television show, "Medida certa" (Measurements ideal).
"I have a very bad relationship with the scale. This is a real trauma," had told the press at the beginning of the program the old pearl of Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​AC Milan and Inter Milan, twice world champion (1994, 2002) and named best player in the world by FIFA on three occasions (1996, 1997, 2002).
It was revealed in 2011 - when he announced his retirement.

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