Sunday, 30 December 2012

Depressed 21 Year Old Antjuan Colvin Says Goodbye On Facebook, Commits Horrible Suicide

Antjuan Miguel Colvin, from California, wrote a long post on Facebook at nine o’clock that evening. Within the hour Colvin committed suicide.Colvin drove his car out onto the railroad tracks and at 9:48pm he was struck by a train going 75 mph.
Some friends of Colvin were shocked by his death. Others knew that Colvin had been struggling with depression for a while. 
He wrote;
“To all my friends and family on Facebook. Thank you all you have all made an impact on my life some of you good some of you not but you all are loved I hope you all have wonderful lives. I know its not my time to go but I cannot take living any longer. So as of tonight I will end my life. Again thank you for being apart of my life. Merry Christmas…….Goodbye.*

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