Monday, 10 December 2012

Beyoncé Knowles Strikes Gold In Pepsi Mega-Deal

If you don't like Beyonce, 2013 could be a rough year for you because she's all over the place, including this Pepsi can.
See what I mean.

According to the NewYorkTimes, “The multiyear campaign is estimated at $50 million, the bulk of it for media placements and promotions around the world, and the remainder split roughly equally between Beyoncé’s fee and what Pepsi calls a creative content development fund.” In a statement, Beyonce spoke on her ever-developing relationship with Pepsi, which kicked off way back in 2002, saying:
“Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve. As a businesswoman, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing my creativity.”
Backing up that thought, Brad Jakeman, president of PepsiCo’s global beverage group, told the NYT:
“Consumers are seeking a much greater authenticity in marketing from the brands they love. It’s caused a shift in the way we think about deals with artists, from a transactional deal to a mutually beneficial collaboration.”
This mutually beneficial collabo is supposed to kick off sometime in 2013, the year of the Bey apparently, but no official date has been established. All that’s known so far is that sometime after her superbowl halftime show, Beyonce will appear in a TV ad for Pepsi which will be her fifth with the cola brand. After that, you can probably expect her face to follow you all throughout the grocery store, as it will be plastered across Pepsi cans for who knows how long. All I have to say is for people who are already sick of seeing and hearing about Beyonce wherever they go, 2013 is going to be a rough year for you.

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